December: Angels Landing, Zion National Park

4:30AM alarms are totally worth it to catch a sunrise on Angels Landing.  What is already a hike worthy of any bucket list, the strata of color found in Zion Canyon’s amplifies the heavenward journey for any hiker lucky to have climbed it.  If you have climbed to the top of the Landing, you know exactly what I mean…

And if you haven’t, I hope this photo gives you a glimpse of how beautiful creation is found at a park inside the state of Utah.


Special call:  Save our public land + take action today.

November: Colter Bay, Grand Teton National Park

This photo speaks one word– play.

The larger than life toucan colorful bills (almost like kayaks), lively line up the shore.  You cannot wait your turn.  The sudden rush to sit your butt in to the seat and start paddling overwhelms you.  Sooner than your adult self thought possible, the glass of the water sits underneath you.

The most amazing sight is nearly right in front of you –the majestic Tetons and all of their fight.


As my inner child adventures on, I cannot help but smile behind the lens.

Play is the highest form of research.  -Albert Einstein