The Bookshelf

What DW chooses to read as she wears her red or purple funky glasses.

Prescribed, yes.  They weren’t always.

Small is the New Big–Seth Godin

How to Win Friends And Influence Others–Dale Carneige

The Big Idea–Donny Deutsch

The Accidental Billionaires–Ben Mezrich

No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs–Dan Kennedy

Thinkertoys–Michael Michalko

Lean In–Sheryl Sandberg

David & Goliath–Malcom Gladwell

Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ–Robert Kiyosaki

Think Big–Donald Trump

Harmonic Wealth–James Arthur Ray & Linda Sivertsen


Featured Under30CEO article: A To Do List: for Newpreneurs

Intrapreneurs: The In-house form of Entrepreneurship Every Small Business Needs

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